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Operation: C.R.O.S.S.O.V.E.R. Ch. 10.

Operation: L.I.E.D.

I do not own Robotboy.
I do not own Codename Kids Next Door.
I do own Perry, Perrybot, Krystalbot and Krystal.

There was an alarm going on in the KND Treehouse one beautiful day, The chickies’ mum, Nigie, called all the kids and robots to the main room.
Nigel: Operatives and robots! We need your help!
Tommy: What is the emergency now?
Wallabee: Alright! Another mission to go on!
Nigie: The Delightful Children are at it again! This time, they’re holding a dance at their Delightful Mansion tomorrow night.
Kuki: So I guess we’re not going?
Nigel: Of course we’re going! This time, it will be a mission and a date at the same time unlike the last time.
Perry: Can we choose who to take?
Nigel: We’ll decide that tomorrow before the dance.

That night, right at about 10:00 pm, Lizzie was walking to the KND Treehouse. She went up and knocked on the door. Perry woke up and heard.
Perry: Now who could that be at this hour?
Perry walked to the door and answered it.
Perry: Lizzie?! What are you doing here?!
Lizzie: Um…hi Perry! Look, I’m sorry for the spanking I gave you the other day. Now, is Nigel home? We have a date tonight.
Perry: Lizzie! It’s 10 ‘o Clock at night! All the kids are asleep.
Lizzie: (grabs a megaphone) NIGEL MONTGOMERY UNO! WAKE UP! WE HAVE (Perry jumps in)
Perry: Sshh!
Wallabee walks to the door.
Wallabee: Hey, what’s going on! It’s too late at night! Lizzie?! Oh brother!
Perry: (gets out of the megaphone) Say, why don’t you go on a date with Wally instead?
Wallabee: Please, Perry! Don’t send me- - (Perry hits him on the head) Okay, let’s go!
Lizzie: No way! The only boy I will ever love is the bald English boy named Nigel Uno.
Perry: Um…Maybe you could come to the Delightful Mansion tomorrow night! Then Nigel can- -
Lizzie: But I want to go on a date with Nigel now!
Perry: I understand. Um, Wally, could you go and get me Nigel please?
Wallabee: Oh, alright! I’ll go and get Numbuh One.
Lizzie: Are you serious?!

Then, Wallabee walks out dressed up as Nigel.
Perry: Oh, hello there, Nigel Uno.
Wallabee: (in an English accent) Um…hello, Perry Register. It is me, Numbuh One.
Lizzie: Nigie!
Wallabee: Oh…err…hello, Lizziiiiieeeeee!!!! (Lizzie grabs his hand and drags him away)
Lizzie: Come on, Nigie! Let’s go and see a romantic movie!
Wallabee: (In his Adelaide accent) No! No! Anything but that! No! I don’t wanna date!
Perry: Phew! That was close! Now to catch some Zeds.

Later, while at the movie, Lizzie and Wallabee were alone.
Wallabee: (in an English accent) Um, err…Lizzie.
Lizzie: Yes, Nigie?
Wallabee: How would you…err…like to go on another date with me?
Lizzie: Where to and when?
Wallabee: Er…to the Delightful Mansion. Er…Tomorrow night. Remember, dress yourself in a princess dress.
Lizzie: Oh, Nigie! (Kisses Wallabee multiple times, thinking he is Numbuh One)
Wallabee: (Thinking in his Adelaide accent) When I get back to that treehouse, that Numbuh One owes me big time!

After the “Date”, Lizzie took Wallabee back to the KND Treehouse.
Lizzie: I had a wonderful night Nigie. I hope tomorrow night is more spectacular than tonight.
Wallabee: (In an English accent) Um…I enjoyed it…too, Liz.
Lizzie: Bye, Nigie! See you tomorrow night! (Walks home)
Wallabee: (In his Australian accent) Oh, man! That was even more bizarre than the first time Lizzie dated me.

The next day, The main phone in the KND Treehouse rang. Nigel walked to answer it.
Nigel: Kids Next Door Treehouse, Numbuh One speaking. Lizzie?!
Lizzie: Oh, hi Nigel! I hope you haven’t forgotten about our date tonight.
Nigel: Date?!
Lizzie: But Nigie! You said you would take me to the Delightful Mansion tonight. Last night at the movies.
Nigel: Oh, Lizzie! You must have been having a dream about me. Thanks for calling! Bye!
Lizzie: (after Nigel hung up) Dream or not, I’m going to the dance anyway whether he likes it or not.
Nigel: Well, team. You need to find a date.
Hoagie: Um…I’ll take Numbuh Five.
Abigail: Numbuh Five approves.
Kuki: Ooh! Ooh! I’ll take Numbuh Four!
Wallabee: Um..yes, Numbuh Three.
Lola: I’ll take Tommy.
Tommy: Oh, Lola!
Perry: And I’ll take Krystal.
Krystal: (thinking) Aww! He chose me!
Nigie: That leaves me with no date.

That night, many well-dressed kids were going to the dance at the Delightful Mansion. Hoagie was dressed in a white and sky blue tux with a red bow tie, a white Top Hat with a blue band, white trousers and his general white sneakers. Wallabee was dressed in a white shirt, a black tux, a red bow tie, blue jeans and his general white sneakers. Abigail was dressed in a navy tux, a white shirt, a red necktie, navy trousers and black smart shoes. Kuki was dressed in a pale pink dress with rose pink parts, a silver tiara and rose pink Mary Janes. Nigie was dressed in a black suit, a red bow tie and black smart shoes. Tommy was dressed in the same kind of suit Nigie was dressed in. Lola was dressed in a sky blue dress, white gloves and white Mary Janes and had her hair down. Perry was dressed in a golden yellow tux, a red bow tie, a red shirt, red trousers and black smart shoes. Krystal was dressed in a purple dress, white gloves, a gold tiara and red pumps. All 9 kids were walking in.
Delightfuls: (to the KND and Tommy and his friends)  Well, well, well. If it isn’t Tommy Turntable and his date. Well, well, well. Looks like Nigie doesn’t have a date tonight. Poor typical Nigie. Nice date, Percy.

Nigie: Now, keep an eye out for suspicious things the Delightfuls are planning. Alright, Numbuh Two- - Numbuh Two?!
It turns out that Hoagie and Abigail were having the dance of their lives in the ballroom.
Nigel: Well, I guess it’s up to us, huh Perry? Perry?!
Perry was out at the food, helping himself to some tortilla chips and nacho cheese.
Perry: Mmm. They don’t sell nacho cheese like this in Australia.
Nigel: Well, it’s all up to you, Krystal. Krystal?!

Where was Krystal you may wonder? Well, Krystal was sitting at a table with Lizzie. Lizzie had her hair in a flip style, she still had her glasses on. She was also dressed in a brilliant yellow and orange evening gown, white gloves and orange pumps.
Krystal: Hey, Lizzie. Where’s your date.
Lizzie: I don’t have one. Nigel said we have no date tonight.
Wallabee walked to Perry and Krystal’s table, Surprised to see Lizzie there.
Lizzie: I dreamt that Nigie told me we would be having a date tonight.
Wallabee: That wasn’t a dream, Lizzie. To tell you the truth, that wasn’t really Numbuh One you were dating last night. That was…me. I said that you could come tonight.
Lizzie: You did WHAT?!?!??!!??
Lizzie grabbed Wallabee. Perry walked back to the table and was surprised to see Lizzie and what she was doing to Wallabee. She was spanking him.
Lizzie: You tricked me, just like that other stupid Aussie did the other night!
Perry: What are you doing?!
Lizzie: This Wally kid tricked me into thinking he was my Nigie, so I could have my date last night!
Perry: Lizzie. This wasn’t his doing. It was my doing. I sent Wally with you so that Nigel could have his sleep last night.
Lizzie, hearing this, started to get extraordinarily angry. Wallabee walked away to join Kuki.
Lizzie: THAT’S IT!!!!!!
Nigel: I’d hate to be that girl’s boyfr- - Lizzie?!
Nigie walked over to a now angry Lizzie Devine.
Lizzie: Nigel! How could you? How could you do this to me? Let your stupid friends trick me into think they were you, just to get your precious sleep?!
Nigel: Oh, Lizzie! I’m so sorry. I just wanted to rest up for tonight’s mission.
Lizzie: No, Nigie! It’s too late. For playing tricks on me, I’m leaving you, AGAIN!
Lizzie stormed away angrily. Nigel, watching Lizzie walk away, started to cry.
Perry: Girl, cut him some slack! He said he was sorry!
Kuki was just about to dance with Wallabee.
Kuki: Come on, Numbuh Four! Let’s dance together!
Kuki, saying this, saw Lizzie walk out of the ballroom.

Later, all the kids were in the photo room, getting their pictures. Nigel was sadly ready to go into the photo room.
Nigel: Well, looks like I really don’t have a date after all. I’m just not cut out for one.
As he went into the photo room, he found out that it wasn’t a camera after all.
Nigel: Wait a minute! That’s not a camera!
Delightfuls: Hold still, Nigie. All the other kids got their photos.

The curtains opened to reveal that all the other kids have become delightfulised.
Nigel: That’s a Delightfulising machine!
Perry walked in and was surprised to see all the kids, including Sector V, Tommy, Lola and Krystal delightfulised.
Perry: Come on, Nigel! We’ve got to get out of here!
Delightfuls: Go, kids! Get them now!
Perry and Nigel were running off.
Nigel: Come on! We’ll hide in this closet.
They hid in the closet.
Perry: I hope they don’t hear us in- -
Nigie: Keep it down, Perry! They’ll hear us.
Perry: Luckily, I brought a special camera to this dance.
Nigel: Brilliant!

Nigel grabbed Perry’s camera and he started to take pictures of all the other kids. They were back to normal.
Krystal: Where…am I?!
Perry: Krystal! You’re alright! Now hit the music! Let’s tango!
Tommy grabbed Robotboy out of his bag that he brought to the dance. He gave Robotboy to Nigel.
Tommy: Here! Take Robotboy with you.
Nigel ran off to the photo room. There, in the Photo room was Lizzie.
Nigel: Lizzie! No! Go get that machine, Robotboy!
Lizzie: Nigel?!

Robotboy super activated.
Delightfuls: What?!
Robotboy started using his cannons and fired at the main source of power and the delightfulising machine was ready to explode. Nigel grabbed Lizzie and they both ran out of the room. Robotboy flew out too. All the kids ran out of the mansion as well as the DCFDTL. The mansion exploded into brightly coloured fireworks.
Tommy: Great work, Robotboy!
Robotboy went back to normal.
Robotboy: Glad Tommy take Robotboy to dance to help. No thank me. Thank Nigie.
Delightfuls: No, no, NO! (All started to cry)

All the kids were with their loved ones, watching the fireworks. Nigel had let go of Lizzie.
Lizzie: Nigie!
Nigel: Yes, Lizzie?
Lizzie: (hugs him tightly) Apology accepted! Now let’s watch the fireworks together.
So they both did, holding each other’s hands.
End Transmission.
Here is chapter Ten to my RB/KND crossover. Pretty much a rewrite of Operations: D.A.T.E., G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D. and Q.U.I.E.T. combined.

Robotboy (c) Alphanim/Cartoon Network.
Codename Kids Next Door (c) Cartoon Network/Curious Pictures.
Perry, Perrybot, Krystalbot and Krystal (c) :iconarthurengine:
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