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Operation: C.R.O.S.S.O.V.E.R. Epilogue

Operation: F.I.N.A.L.E.

I do not own Robotboy.
I do not own Codename Kids Next Door.
I do own Perry, Perrybot, Krystalbot and Krystal.

It was a day like any other, the day after Sector V’s date, the Kids Next Door, Tommy, Lola, Robotboy, Robotgirl, Perry, Perrybot, Krystalbot and Krystal were called to the main room in the KND treehouse. Nigel has called them for an extra special meeting.
Nigel: Operatives, there is a robot, out working in an abandoned factory!
Tommy: Please don’t tell me that’s
Tommy, Lola, Perry and Krystal: Protoboy!
Nigie: Who is this Protoboy you speak of?
Robotboy: He Robotboy’s big brother. He programmed be evil.
Hoagie: And I know just the thing to stop him!

Treehouse: Kids Next Door: D.O.N.N.I.E.N.A.T.O.R. Destruction Of Necessary Nasty In Evil Now A Trick On Robots
Tommy: Please, tell me this isn’t the same machine used for Donnie!
Hoagie: And who is Donnie again?
Tommy: He is my nasty older brother.
Kuki: Right! Let’s go out on our biggest mission yet!

Meanwhile, Protoboy was in the newly built abandoned factory. He had trapped 5 individuals, his father Professor Moshimo, Kuki’s baby sister Mushi, Nigie’s girlfriend Lizzie, the Kids Next Door boss Rachel and a leading KND boss, Fanny (Also known as Numbuh Eighty-Six)
Lizzie: You bad robot! You’re worse than that child robot who stole my nickname for my boyfriend!
Moshimo: I wish Robotboy would help me out!
Fanny: Get me oat o’ hear or I’ll force myself oat!
Rachel: Get me out of here!
Mushi: Just you wait until my big sister gets here!

Nigie: Operatives, to your battle stations!
All the operatives and kids and robots set in their big machine and set off for the factory that Protoboy was working in.
Nigel: We’ve detected the location of the robot. He is in a factory by the sea!
Wallabee: Roger!
Abigail: We’re coming in to land!
The machine landed in front of the abandoned factory.
Nigie: Operatives, set course into the factory. Tommy, get the D.O.N.N.I.E.N.A.T.O.R..
Tommy: You got it, Nigel!
Robotboy: When time come, me come out help.
Lola: Say…this factory looks awfully familiar.

As the 9 kids and 4 robots got in, they were shocked to find…
Tommy: Professor Moshimo!
Moshimo: (In Hiro’s voice) Get me out of here, Tommy and Robotboy!
Robotboy: Robotboy no want see Moshimo turn solid.
Hoagie: Numbuh Eighty-Six!
Fanny: Get me oat o’ here! Ah dinnae want tae end mah life this way!
Kuki: Mushi!
Mushi: Big sister! Help!
Nigel: Lizzie?! Rachel?!
Rachel: Help, Nigel! Help me and your girlfriend!
Lizzie: Help me, Nigie!
Nigel: We’ll help you.

Robotboy flew right up and found Protoboy.
Robotboy: Big brother. Let people and Moshimo go!
Protoboy: Argh! You, silly bro! Protoboy destroy!
Tommy: Well, looks like time to use the D.O.N.N.I.E.N.A.T.O.R.
Tommy got into the machine and was ready to kick butt.

Krystal: Oh! I don’t like the looks of this factory! I don’t like the looks at all!
Lola: Don’t worry, Krystal! Tommy will do the work. He’s our hero.
Tommy was ready to defeat Protoboy.
Tommy: You let our friends go, Protoboy!
Protoboy: Gah!
Robotboy: You no hurt Tommy! If hurt Tommy and his friends, you get sunk in molten rock!
Tommy: Alright, Protoboy! You asked for it!
Tommy started whirring the D.O.N.N.I.E.N.A.T.O.R. and was ready to attack Protoboy. He kept hitting him until the evil robot’s batteries were flat.
Tommy: Now’s your chance, Robotboy! Now!
Robotboy threw Protoboy into the molten rock. Nigel climbed to the top of the chamber and he set the release button for Lizzie and Rachel. Tommy pressed it for Professor Moshimo. Kuki climbed and pressed it for Fanny and Mushi. All 4 went down as the 5 victims were freed. All fled from the factory.
Fanny: Well done, Kids Next Door operatives! You’ve actually succeeded in saving me! I guess boys aren’t so stupid after all.
Rachel and Lizzie both hugged Nigie.
Rachel: Thanks Nigel!
Nigel: Um, no problem Rachel!
Lizzie punched Rachel to the ground and continued to hug Nigie.
Lizzie: Oh, Nigie! Thank you so much for saving our lives! Now for my biggest thank you so far, I will never break up with you ever, ever again, eternal Nigie!
With this, Lizzie and Nigie both had the best kiss so far.
Mushi: Oh, thanks, big sister!
Kuki: Aww, it’s alright Mushi! I didn’t want your life to end, especially because you’re my little sister and sisters are meant to love each other no matter what!
The 2 Sanbans hugged each other.  

Tommy: Well, thank you, kids. We’ve had a great time with you.
Perry: Now, it’s time for us to get back with our normal lives. Come back and see us again soon.
Nigel: And kids, you’re always welcome to our Treehouse too.
Lizzie: Oh, come on, Nigie! We’ve got another date tonight as a way to repay you for rescuing us! How about some ice cream?
Nigie: Um, yes dear.
Lizzie walked with Nigie to the ice cream parlour.

Well, our friends have learned the true meaning of teamwork and friendship. And hopefully, our friends will see each other again some other day.
End Transmission.
Lizzie: (tears apart the End Transmission sign) Wait, wait, wait! That ending made no sense at all! I never take my Nigie on a date to repay him for saving me!
Lizzie, shut up.

Here, Bowser tears up the shot with Lizzie with his fiery claws.
Bowser: Bwa ha ha!
Lizzie: Hey!
Bowser: Next time, expect another crossover! It will be a Codename Kids Next Door and Super Mario Crossover!
Lizzie: Oh brother!
Bowser: And in the next crossover, I will finally get those plumbers!
Here is the final chapter to my RB/KND crossover.

Robotboy (c) Alphanim/Cartoon Network.
Codename Kids Next Door (c) Cartoon Network/Curious Pictures.
Bowser (c) Nintendo.
Perry, Perrybot, Krystalbot and Krystal (c) :iconarthurengine:
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DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lizzie hitting Rachel like a boss! :rofl:

Nice cameo of Bowser at the end.
ArthurEngine Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yep! Like a boss! :XD:

I decided to add the plumber's archrival to hint the next crossover like the evil Koopa he is. :evillaugh:
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ArthurEngine Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That's what Rachie gets for making Lizzie leave Nigie! :XD:
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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